If there is serious environmental pollution and resources are depleted, the whole world will suffer. No single business can be spared. Therefore, while upholding social responsibility, We employ advanced technology to keep environmental protection as a top business objective. We adopt vigorous system and attitude to ensure that the production process complies with the principle of environmental protection. We strongly believe every environmental protection effort will contribute to the development of a healthier future for our next generation.

The company sets up a rigorous system to ensure that the production process is in compliance with the principle of environmental protection. All employees must be properly trained to ensure they will act according to the guidelines so as to implement the environmental protection concept and to respond positively to relevant national legislation. This can prevent environmental problems and to some extent help the production and overall management in terms of prevention and protection.

Factory Facilities
Electrolysis Recycling Machine for Edulcorating Plating Solution
Through electrolysis, filtration, and treatment of heavy metal pollutants, the plating bath can be recycled.
Air Heat Exchange Machine
The low-temperature heat of the air is gasified through fluoro media, using compression to gradually increased the temperature. This helps to provide heat to the plating bath and reduce energy consumption.
The system set-up was supported and funded by the Hong Kong Productivity Council because it is recognized as a "Cleaner Production Partnership Program Demonstration Project".

Wastewater Treatment Outside The Plant
Plating sewage is passed to HaoFeng Electroplating Wastewater Treatment Plant for centralized processing. The wastewater plant has advanced facilities involving physical and chemical applications, in-depth treatment, and biochemical processing technology. Its advanced technologies which include electrolysis, electrocoagulation, and an electro-fenton process, can effectively remove intractable contaminants in wastewater so that the treated wastewater can steadily achieve the national discharge standard for water pollutant.