Dongguan Brand New Plastic Plating Co., Ltd. is the electroplating enterprise under Brand New Group in Hong Kong. The predecessor Shenzhen Brand New Plastic Plating Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. To cater to the latest market needs, Dongguan Brand New Plastic Plating Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 in Machong, Dongguan. The factory has a total floor area of 3,000 sq. metres with a workforce of about 150.
The production is supervised by a team of experienced technical professionals. Advanced electroplating technology is applied in the factory with several automatic dust-free production lines. The operation has been certified under ISO/TS16949: 2008 quality management system for automotive-related products. The products also meet the CE European standards.

Scope of Services
The Company is engaged in the professional plating and spraying services for car accessories, sanitary ware, and other product categories.
Products We Handle
Car Accessories : interior and exterior accessories like auto grills, logos, vehicle door handles, impact protection fixtures, etc.
Sanitary Ware Products: showerheads, hoses, shower panels, wall-brackets, etc.
Other Products:machinery components, small and delicate parts, etc.
Plating Technology
plastic plating and plastic ABS plating, etc.
Unique Technologies
brush metal spraying, laser carving, laser engraving after water electroplating, electrophoresis, water transfer printing etc.
One-Stop Value-Added Service
In addition to plating and spraying services, we offer value-added assistance in mold making and injection molding to expand the variety of our products. Together with our edge in automation which shortens the production cycle substantially and enhances the product stability and mold precision, etc., we are now more competitive in the industry than ever. We undertake to deliver on-time and to ensure reliable product quality to satisfy customers.
Customer Base
Our customer base of more than 100 has covered the whole Zhujiang Delta including Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shantou and Foshan, etc., serving reputable end customers like HONDA, FORD, AUDI, GM, CHRYSLER, SUBARU, TOYOTA, MOEN and CUK, etc.
Concern for Staff
In this fast changing era, being people-oriented, we not only provide professional training to staff but also care about their compensation and living conditions. We want to provide them with a comfortable environment to learn, work, and develop themselves.
Pledge to Customers
Upholding "Customer First With Integrity Our Principle ", we continue our pledge of providing our best products and services to customers. In addition, we shall continue our product quality improvement and technology innovation to achieve a win-win outcome through sincere cooperation with our customers.