Mold Design

With more than 15 years of solid experience, our mold design engineers have designed over one thousand molds of different types for many different customers. For the molds catering to plastic products, our company in particular uses the most advanced technology to create mode designs that are guaranteed to meet the highest product quality standards. if needed, while dealing with some special precision molds, our engineers will take the initiative to communicate with customers so as to understand the requirements and to propose better mold making solutions. While pursuing zero complaints in engineering problems, we care even more about saving mold production costs for customers and speeding up lead time to facilitate early product launch to the market. Our extensive experience allows us to offer a variety of solutions for different customers.

The mold design process is as follows:

Mold Manufacturing

We produce high quality molds for customers according to their requirements to meet their production plan. whether they are experimental molds or mass production molds, we are fully capable to meet customer standards and requirements and fulfill their expectations of on-time delivery and product quality.

Our company has well-experienced mold technicians. Given our vigorous production management. We can produce high precision molds to satisfy customers. We believe that good people, good production facilities and strict production control are essential elements for producing quality products that can satisfy customers and ease their minds.