Injection Manufacturing

Our company specializes in the development and molding of precision injection products and the manufacturing of injection molding items as a subcontractor. We regularly undertake production of various kinds of injection molding products ranging from just a few grams to 5,500 grams. We provide one-stop services covering scientific research, production, and sales, with a professional team controlling quality and progress in the project. Our professional engineers conduct preliminary analysis on products, mold structure design, and project progress, and provide product designs with reasonable quality. With the use of a number of precision computerized injection molding machines and corresponding professional advanced manufacturing technology and auxiliary production equipment like temperature controllers to automate production, we have greatly shortened the production cycle and improved the stability and precision of the molds. The products with exquisite design and sophisticated technology are well received by our customers, allowing us to gain their admiration and trust.

Our advantages: possessing over 15 years of professional experience in injection molding, many professional technical personnels and advanced manufacturing facilities. Meanwhile, under vigorous production management, we continue to pursue technological innovation and product improvement so as to produce more categories of high-quality products to cater to different market and customer demands.